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1. the gift

A myTreeme-Paulownia tree is a very special surprise that gives growing joy! Who expects to receive a beautiful tree as a gift? With ourCO2-absorbing gift tree, the environment is protected and, after a maximum of 14 years, the recipient is also offered a small financial gift. Buy a myTree as a gift or for yourself for 345 Euro and make your own personal contribution to the protection of our earth. Of course you can also order several gift trees. In addition to the Paulownia tree on our plantation, which is harvested after a maximum of 14 years, the gift also includes a small seedling for your home, which the recipient or you will receive from us between March and July at the best planting time. You decide where the small myTree is planted - after that you can literally watch it grow.

The Paulownia tree

With its blue flowers and huge leaves, the Paulownia is not only beautiful, but is also one of the most productive tree species in the world. The fast growing Paulownia offers many advantages for the use of the precious wood due to its biological and physical properties. The non-invasive hybrids we use are adapted to prevailing and future climatic conditions. The myTreeme gift trees grow on the Treeme plantations within ten to twelve years to a stately size with a trunk diameter of up to 45 cm. Green Wood International AG is already working together with partners who produce beautiful unique specimens from the Paulownia precious wood. Thus, Paulownia wood is the first choice in the production of sports equipment such as surfboards or musical instruments such as electric guitars.

2. the certificate

Each buyer will receive a myTree certificate and a letter with his or her personalized data by e-mail as well as by post after the purchase confirmation. The certificate contains a tree number assigned to the buyer and the date of purchase. As soon as the presentee holds his tree certificate in his hands, he only has to register with myTreeme under his name so that the gift tree can be assigned to him. Lease, maintenance and insurance are already included in the price.

The certificate

Our myTreeme tree certificate is a high-quality, fixed DIN A 5 card. The certificate is sent to the buyer by mail. The card is provided with the tree number assigned to the buyer's name and the date of purchase.

We wish you a lot of joy when giving it away!

3. the tree

Paulovnias have the largest leaves of all deciduous trees. The diameter of the trunk in our climate zones is up to 45 cm after 12-15 years. Due to their rapid growth (Paulownias are among the fastest growing noble wood trees in the world) they make an enormous contribution toCO2 compensation and a balanced climate. According to SGS certification, each myTree on our gift tree plantations compensates 64.8 kgCO2 per year. You can also find this information in our official SGS certification.

The myTreeme gift trees are located on the Treeme plantation in Mallorca (Spain). The Treeme plantations can be visited at any time. An appointment is easily made via info@mytreeme.com possible.

With the sale of our myTreeme trees we want to make a valuable contribution to the preservation of nature and offer a real alternative to endangered tropical woods. Every gift tree sold contributes to sustainable climate protection. People who give a tree as a present are not only doing something good for their loved ones.

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4. the joy

With myTreeme you as a buyer have several reasons to be happy. For one thing, the recipient or you will receive a real myTreeme gift tree delivered to your home. It is your decision where to plant this tree permanently. Whether in a pot on the balcony, in your own garden or in the great outdoors, you are actively acting for the benefit and preservation of our environment. On the other hand, the precious wood of the tree on our plantation is harvested after a maximum of 14 years and the tree owner can look forward to a payment in the amount of the yield. This can be up to 680 Euros per gift tree if you calculate carefully. So the festive occasion is twice as nice.

The Joy

In order to be able to hand over the joy through myTreeme after this time, we need contact details of you and the presentee. These are requested in a simple and short form when ordering. During the ordering process we only need your contact data and your date of birth.

The presentee registers after receiving the tree certificate so that myTreeme can assign the gift trees to the new owner: www.mytreeme.com/registrierung

A tree for every occasion

Questions? Answers!

What exactly is the concept of Green Wood International AG?

Green Wood International AG (GWI), which was founded in 1984, is a specialist in Paulownia plantations. Our trees grow faster than any other tree in the world and, thanks to special care, they are ready for harvesting from the 12th year onwards. Paulownia's A-goods wood in precious wood quality (Clear & Clean) is used to manufacture high-quality products. Our aim is to achieve above-average yields and a maximum of environmental, ecological and climate protection in order to create added value for our earth. Through the project myTreeme we offer interested parties the opportunity to purchase and give away gift trees or keep them for themselves. Optionally, CO2 certificates can also be purchased.

What means/is myTreeme?

myTreeme is a GWI project where gift trees and CO2 certificates can be purchased. The myTreeme trees can be given as a gift or kept for yourself. The gift trees remain on the plantation, are harvested after a maximum of 14 years and the yield goes to the buyer. If the yield exceeds 680 Euro, the additional proceeds are shared between the buyer and GWI. The gift tree also includes a small Paulownia seedling, which is sent to the buyer during the shipping period from March - July. This can also be given as a gift or kept. myTreeme also offers CO2 certificates, which can be purchased separately or together with the gift tree.

Why does a myTreeme gift tree cost 345€?

The purchase price of a myTreeme gift tree includes the cultivation, planting, lease, maintenance and insurance costs for the entire term.

What kind of CO2 certificates do you offer?

The GWI offersCO2 certificates over 1 tonne of CO2 sequestration for 25 euros per certificate. Those who wish to purchase a certificate together with a gift tree can take advantage of our combo package offer (1x gift tree + 1x CO2 certificate) for a total of 360 euros.

After 14 years the trees are processed, is there a special market for this?

Basically there is already a market for glued paulownia wood. However, our goal is to strive for a high-priced niche market from the wood of our trees. The results are more than respectable and confirm us in our intention. With our partners we already build the best wooden surfboards in the world(Enlain), the lightest solid wood guitar and the lightest solid wood bass in the world(Hemage) as well as some other products. All products can be seen in our new shop www.treeme.shop. We put a lot of work into the breeding and care of the trees to harvest the best Paulownia wood after 14 years. With the processing to exclusive and durable products theCO2, which is trapped in the wood, remains permanently bound.

How do I give away a myTree tree?

Under the item Gift Tree on www.mytreeme.com you can find out everything about giving away the myTree tree.

Do I have to give away the tree and the sapling?

Of course you can keep both things for yourself or give away just one of them, that's your decision.

Do you also send directly to the person I want to give something to?

You are welcome to give us the address of the person you want to give the tree to directly. It is important that the recipient registers his tree on our site, because until then everything is under the name of the buyer. The instructions for the simple registration of the tree are enclosed.

What happens after the trees are sold?

After the trees have reached the end of their life, GWI AG takes over the harvesting of the trees and the sale of the wood. The customer is informed in writing about the achieved sales result and receives his share of the sale. This terminates the contractual relationship between the customer and GWI AG. A separate termination by the customer is not necessary.

What does profit sharing mean?

GWI AG earns its entrepreneurial income by selling the wood of the adult Paulownia trees. From an achieved sales price i. 680 Euro per tree, the additional proceeds are shared between the buyer and GWI AG. The complete sales proceeds up to 680 Euro (minus 5% handling fee) go to the buyer. The profit-sharing ensures that GWI AG has a great self-interest in taking the best possible care of the trees, achieving the best possible timber quality and, as a result, achieving the highest possible price when selling the timber. This creates a win-win situation for the buyer and GWI AG.

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