The gift of growing happiness

That’s how it works!

1. The Gift

myTreeme™ are Paulownia trees, giving people growing joy! Give a tree to people you love. The ordering process is very easy. In a moment, you will have a lasting gift, that you won’t forget!

2. The Certificate

myTreeme™ myTreeme sends the gift tree in the form of a tree certificate. The buyer receives the tree certificate(s) by post after his order. The certificate shows the buyer, the tree number, and the date of purchase. You can enter the new tree owner by hand.

Maybe you even want to give yourself a present!

3. The Tree

myTreeme™ trees grow into large Paulownia trees, on sustainably managed Treeme plantations. The Paulownia belongs to the Empress Tree family (Paulowniaceae), and is distinguished by its rapid growth and special wood. During this time they absorb a lot of CO2 through their large leaves, and help the environment to minimize our daily footprint on earth.

4. The Joy

Your gift tree with growing joy: The festive occasion for giving presents has arrived, and you present the myTreeme™ tree certificate(s). After 12 years, when the Paulownia trees are mighty and harvested by Treeme, the joy for the recipient is once again great. The recipient receives a payment in the amount of the revenue. This can be with current calculation up to 680 euros.

Give away a piece of life!

A myTreeme™ gift tree for a person I love!
A tree for a birth, a wedding, or an important day, signals life and positive energy!

You will present this special gift, in the format of a tree certificate.

A gift tree for 345,- €

myTreeme GeschenkBaum


Includes 0% Mehrwertsteuer

The myTreeme™ Team

Wolfgang Goese

Wolfgang Goese


Project initiator and creative head of the company. He keeps the pack together – that’s why we call him the wolf!

Friedrich Oldenburg

Friedrich Oldenburg

Project Management & Marketing

I am Friedrich and say: “Everything is a question of organization!”

Tim Schenk

Tim Schenk

Design & Development

What does a healthy tree need? Exactly! Water, light and love. Give me another coffee and things will work out.

Finja Rosenbaum

Finja Rosenbaum

Social Media

I’m interested in aesthetic visuals and let’s face it, what’s more beautiful than trees from myTreeme™?

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Questions? Answers!

What is myTreeme™?

myTreeme™ is an online portal where you can buy trees. At you can purchase up to 14 individual Paulownia Royal Treeme Igift trees. The myTreeme™ tree is a special gift for a person you love. Whether for a babtism, a birthday, a wedding or a special occasion.

Why does a myTreeme™ gift tree cost 345€?

With this amount the myTreeme™ gift tree is completely supplied and can grow to a magnificent tree on our Treeme plantations. This means that the purchase price of a myTreeme™ tree includes the lease, maintenance and insurance costs for the entire term of 12 years.

How do I gift a myTreeme™ tree?

It’s very simple. At you can buy one or more gift trees. After the purchase – and the payment confirmation you get written proof from myTreeme™. In this letter you will find the tree certificate(s) which you can then hand over as a gift.

Where are the myTreeme™ trees located?

The myTreeme™ gift trees are located on one of the Treeme plantations in Germany/Bietigheim and Spain/Majorca. Harvesting takes place after 12 years, from the year of planting. The wood is then sold as precious wood at the highest market price. Further information on plantation management can be found at:

Can the myTreeme™ tree plantations be visited?

The myTreeme™ plantations can be visited by appointment at any time. Our contact address is:

Who is Green Wood International AG (GWI AG)?

The Green Wood International AG was founded in 1984 and deals with topics such as sustainability, ecology and environment. Since 2010, the company has concentrated exclusively on the establishment of Paulownia tree plantations in Germany and Europe. This led to the Treeme project and the myTreeme™ – The gift of growing happiness project.

What are the components of the Treeme Security Concept

The Treeme Security Concept is absolutely unique and has the following components:
1. The positive characteristics of the Paulownia tree such as frost resistance, weather resistance and a high insect resistance
2. The all-risk insurance, i.e. in the event of loss, the purchase price plus 5% p.a. growth in earnings is insured from the moment of planting the tree on the plantations
3. Fencing of the plantation as well as 24h/7-day webcam surveillance with connected security service
4. Long-standing know-how of Green Wood International AG and close partnerships with the know-how carriers in China and the USA

Who takes care of the care and maintenance of the myTreeme™ trees?

Green Wood Service GmbH (Höchstädt – Germany) with its own planting and care teams takes care of the planting, rearing and care of the myTreeme™ tree plantations. In doing so, special value is placed on intensive care of the trees in order to achieve the best wood quality during harvesting. These plantations are managed 100% according to ecological standards without the addition of chemical additives.

What is Paulownia wood used for?

Due to the unique technical properties of the wood, there are many possible applications. It is very light, extremely resilient as well as resistant and flame-retardant. The wood already has a wide range of applications today. It is already used today for extremely resilient sports articles, musical instruments, furniture construction as well as the interior fittings of boats. Under our Treemeshop you can already find these precious wood products from Paulownia:

What are the ecological benefits of buying trees?

The Paulownia tree is a tree that, due to the size of its leaves and its enormous growth, binds a lot of CO2. Thus the myTreeme™ tree buyer also improves his own CO2 footprint, because the absorbed CO2 remains bound in the wood for a long time. Per hectare and year this is about 36 tons! An unbeatable advantage for the environment.

What causes the targeted mass yield?

The yield is primarily generated through the natural growth of the trees and the associated increasing amount of wood. Paulownia trees have an annual mass increase of 10-15%. Another yield factor can be the wood price, which has been rising for years.

What does the procedure look like after selling the trees?

After 12 years of standing and harvesting the gift trees, Green Wood International AG takes over the sale of the wood. Every person, who is registered on a gift tree number, will be informed in writing about the achieved sales result, and will receive their sales share. Therewith, the contractual relationship between the customer and Green Wood International AG expires. A separate termination on the part of the customer is not necessary.

What does profit sharing mean?

Green Wood International AG earns its entrepreneurial income by selling the wood of the mature Paulownia trees. From a sales price of € 680 per tree, the additional proceeds are shared between the buyer and Green Wood International AG. The complete sales proceeds up to 680€ less 5% handling fee go to the buyer. Profit-sharing ensures that Green Wood International AG has a great self-interest in maintaining the trees in the best possible way, achieving optimum wood quality and, as a result, achieving a maximum price for the sale of the wood. This creates a win-win situation for the buyer and Green Wood International AG.

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